Adventure Reports

Understanding colic

Understanding Colic


One of our very own veterinary school professors, Dr. Alex Powers, gave a lecture on how to spot the warning signs of colic as well as the different types and treatment methods.

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Sally Batton Clinic


Sally Batton is the prior director of riding at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and head coach of the varsity equestrian team. Sally has been a great asset in the equestrian community and the Hoofer Riding Club had her out to teach an amazing clinic. She shared her knowledge with us that she has gained through years of teaching around the country. She taught us how important strength is in our riding as well as posture and leg positioning. We loved learning from her!

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Fun with Ground Poles


An amazing local clinician, Kelley Shetter-Ruiz, who specializes in ground pole clinics and equestrian yoga, came out to teach Hoofer Riding Club and community members how to maintain rhythm and balance over complicated grids of ground poles. Many equestrian team members participated in the clinic as well as other riders around the area. Riders enjoyed learning many new techniques with Kelley and we hope to have her back in the spring for an equestrian yoga clinic. More information about Kelley can be found on her website and you can watch her and Tristan the Wonder Horse on her YouTube channel having fun over poles!