Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the club?

The Hoofer Riding Club is part of the WI Union, so all Club members must first become Union members. UW students are automatically Union Members during their time at the University. UW Faculty and Staff, as well as community members, must purchase a Union Membership. This can be done online at Union membership costs $50 per year until $300 is reached, and then you are considered a Lifetime Union Member.

How do I get started with lessons?

The Hoofer Riding Club is not currently offering a lesson program. Only the Equestrian Team, our subsidiary organization, will be lessoning with us. Since we moved barns and decreased the number of horses we have, we are not feasibly able to give lessons. The club recommends Andi Bill, team head coach and stable owner, for lessons.

Why should I join the Hoofer Riding Club if there are no lessons?

Even though we are not offering lessons at this time, the Hoofer Riding Club is offering multiple other equine opportunities including but not limited to educational seminars, mounted clinics, decreased event fees, and more!

I have something I would like to donate to the club, who do I contact?

If you would like to donate to the club, please check out our Support Page or contact President Kendra Lofthus at!