Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the club?

The Hoofer Riding Club is part of the WI Union, so all Club members must first become Union members. UW students are automatically Union Members during their time at the University. UW Faculty and Staff, as well as community members, must purchase a Union Membership. This can be done online at Union membership costs $55 per year until $300 is reached, and then you are considered a Lifetime Union Member.

You can visit to create an account and purchase a riding club membership. Visit the Get Started page to learn more.

How do I get started with lessons?

The Hoofer Riding Club lesson program is back! If this is your first time taking lessons with Hoofer Riding Club, please contact Visit the Lessons page to learn more.

Is there an age and/or minimum experience level that is require to take lessons through the club?

The affiliated barns we run our lesson program through have different experience requirements due to the horses that are used. Some allow true beginners while others request more intermediate to advanced riders. Contact the Lesson Coordinator at to learn more.

How do I sign up / pay for lessons?

Members are able to pay for lessons through where you purchase your membership. When signing up for your lessons, it will direct you to cashnet where you can pay either via echeck or credit card. To sign up for lessons contact to set up a time!

I have something I would like to donate to the club, who do I contact?

If you would like to donate to the club, please check out our Support Page or contact the Club President at!